English meaning: to grab, grip; be full
    Deutsche Übersetzung: “(with beiden Händen) greifen, fassen (Fessel), zusammendrũcken, -pressen (clump, Kloß); hineinstopfen, vollpacken (Ladung, Gepäck)”, intr. “vollgepackt, voll sein, vereinzelt also from seelischer Gedrũcktheit”
    Note: elaborated Persson Beitr. 78 ff., 933 m. Lith.
    Material: Arm. čim, čem “bridle, rein”, čmlem “push, press together”; Gk. Aor. γέντο “he grasped” (*γεμ-το), ὕγ-γεμος συλλαβή. ΢αλαμίνιοι Hes., ἀπό-γεμε ἄφελκε. Κύπριοι Hes., ὄ-γμος “furrow in ploughing, swath, , swathe in reaping, strip of cultivated land, vast orbit of the sun, of a hippopotamus, wrinkled old age, row (of teeth) “ (see also under aĝ- “drive, push”), redupl. presumably γάγγαμον, γαγγάμη “ small round net, esp. for oystercatching “; γέμω “ be filled, packed full “, γεμίζω “ fill full of, load or freight with, pack full, load “, γέμος “ the meat parts filling the body “, γόμος m. ‘shipload, cargo, freight, load” (γόμος ζωμός Hes., perhaps a mash for stuffing, fattening?); Umbr. gomia, kumiaf “gravidüs” (out of it Lat. gumia, -ae m. f. “ a glutton, gourmand gormandizer, gourmand, voracious eater, devourer”, actually “ obese person “), probably also gemō, -ere ‘sigh, groan, moan” as “ be pressed emotionally, have the heart full “ (= γέμω “ be full “); M.Ir. gemel, Welsh gefyn “ chain, series of metal rings which are linked together; shackles, gyve, manacles, handcuff; pastern, part of a horse’s foot between the fetlock and hoof “; O.E. cumbol n. “wound, swelling, lump, growth”, Nor. kumla “clump; knead, compress “, O.N. kumla ‘squeeze”; s-extension Nor. kams “ dumpling, lump “, kamsa “knead, stir, mix”, kumsa “mixture”; doubtful, if in addition with labial extension (there only Germanic) O.E. cimb, cimbe “connection, joint, point of connection (between limbs) “, Swe. dial. kimb(e) “ stave (of a cask) “, O.N. kim-bull “bundle”, M.L.G. kimmel “toggle”, kimme (mm from mb) “ frame, edge, border “, etc. compare also genebh- S. 378 f.; Maybe Alb. kumbull “plum, round fruit” Ltv. gùmstu, gùmt “ snatch; attack “, reflex. “ bow, bend oneself “; Lith. gùmulas, gumulỹs, gùmuras (besides gùb-) “clump, ball, tangle, knot “, o-grade gãmalas (besides gãb-) “ snow ball, piece of bread, meat “; borrowing from Pol. is possible for Lith. gumulis, gumulė “ goat, cow without horns - actually, with lump instead of horns-, also hen without tail “ because of Pol. gomoɫy “hornless”, Cz. homolū ds.; O.C.S. žьmǫ, žę ti “ compress, press, jam, constrict, squeeze, pack “, žę telъ “ dog-collar, wooden collar worn by prisoners, collar as an ornament “, Clr. žmeň a “ handful “; R.C.S. gomola “ mash, mush, porridge, gruel, soft mixture, clump”, Serb. gòmolja “ cheese lumps “, Sloven. gomòt, gen. -óta “ crowd in a heap, confusion “, Cz. hmota (*gъmota), old also homota “ cloth, fabric, Material, matter, substance; stuff “.
    References: WP. I 572 ff., 585, WH. 588 f.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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